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These are individual testimonies by past students and/or clients of mine that were personally solicited or included on post class evaluation forms. They are endorsements of my training style and effectiveness as a negotiation instructor and not intended to endorse any company, brand or course content.

Here are some videos and below are written testimonials.

Oliver Schwab - Chief of Staff, U.S. House of Representatives  


Oliver took my training course offered through the Partnership for a Secure America, Congressional Partnership Program on Capitol Hill. He has been trained in other negotiation courses as well as the course I taught.

Nathan Sermonis - Executive Director, Partnership for a Secure America


Nathan runs the Congressional Partnership Program on Capitol Hill for PSA. I was an Alumnus of this program when I was on the Hill. Because of my negotiation training background and Capitol Hill experience, the PSA invited me to conduct their training. I have since taught 150 congressional staff on principles and practices of negotiation on Capitol Hill.

Shama Dasi - Luxury Real Estate Agent, Austin, TX

Shama attended six negotiation training courses I taught for The Real Estate Negotiation Institute (3 segments - 6 courses). She is now a Master Certified Negotiation Expert serving the luxury real estate market in Austin.

Glenn Killey - Distinguished Real Estate Instructor, San Antonio, TX

Glenn took training from me in pursuit of his certification to become an approved instructor with The Real Estate Negotiation Institute. As a Distinguished Real Estate Instructor (DREI), Glenn is recognized as an elite group of Instructors at the highest levels of the industry. 

More Testimonials
​“We contacted Randy to address the topic of negotiation at our REALTORS® Government Affairs Directors Institute. With Randy’s extensive Capitol Hill background, he knew the language and what works with legislators.  Randy’s tips and tactics for negotiation skills were second to none. His session was rated very highly by our 200+ government affairs directors and I would invite him back again"


Kyle Lambert London (July 2016)
National Assn of REALTORS® Political Education Manager

“Best coach for negotiation skills! In my industry if you don't know how to do this, you are dead. He showed me how to do it and do it efficiently! He is the best [instructor] on how to negotiate!”

Alberto M. (July 2017)

San Antonio, TX

"Randy is an amazing instructor! He is very knowledgeable about the topic being taught. He is enthusiastic and engaging with the students in the class."

Barbara C. (Sept 2015)

Cedar Park, TX

“Randy Rocks! A constant flow of energy and valuable information."

Corina U. (May 2016)

San Antonio, TX

“Randy is very good at keeping things interesting and has a very personal training style."

Emily S. (Feb 2016)

Boca Raton, FL

“Randy is a great instructor. He is articulate, funny and very engaging."

Candace G. (Aug 2015)

Lewisville, TX

“Randy is an outstanding instructor. Extremely knowledgeable and motivating."

Jon N. (Apr 2016)

Austin, TX

“Excellent presentation by the instructor. He had great command of the subject and materials."

Janet P. (July 2015)

San Antonio, TX

“Randy was great. He got me excited to use the skills we learned."

Amanda D. (Apr 2016)

Austin, TX

"Great class. Never got boring. Randy is knowledgeable and enthusiastic!"

Nancy M. (Apr 2016)

Dallas, TX

“Randy was a wonderful and engaging instructor. His communication was clear, concise and eloquent."

Anonymous (Nov. 2015)

San Antonio, TX

“Randy knows his stuff. He also loves teaching and is a great communicator. This is my 3rd class with him."

Anonymous (Nov 2016)

Round Rock, TX

"Randy did a wonderful job articulating key concepts to effective negotiations. Nice and engaging to listen to."

Anonymous (Aug 2015)

Dallas, TX

“Randy is an excellent hands-on instructor and invites open class discussion which enriches the overall quality of class."

Anonymous (Nov 2015)

San Antonio, TX

“His knowledge is conveyed throughout each topic utilizing examples. One can tell he enjoys conveying this material to a classroom setting."

Anonymous (Dec 2016)

Austin, TX

“Randy is enthusiastic and really knows his stuff. He makes sure to get everyone involved."

Anonymous (Dec 2016)

Austin, TX

“Enjoyed Randy. As a former sales trainer I know the challenges of being 'on' and informative. He was very well prepared. Great delivery of content."

Anonymous (Sept 2016)

Austin, TX

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